About Us

Foto ReD Photograpic Agency was founded in 1991 in Bologna, in the famous Motor Valley of Italy, a few steps from the historical motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, by Roberto and Daniela, hence the name “ReD”.
After a long career in the field of professional travel reportage and hot air balloons, they decided to focus on their passion and develop a new business in the worlds’ greatest motorcycle events such as MotoGP and World Superbike.


Foto ReD Photographic Agency will capture for you, the essence and fragments of time, encapsulating the excitement and beauty as seen through the eye of the photographer, a work of art, necessary to enhance and promote the best of any Brand.

- 2016 -

Anniversary Photographic Motogp Agency Foto ReD... by Roberto Magni and Daniela Comi Photographers Journalists and Chief


Daniela Comi Photographer and Journalist Chief by Foto ReD Photographic Agency
Daniela Comi

Photographer and Journalist
Email: daniela@fotoredagency.com

Daniela Comi was born in 1972 in Bergamo. As a child she would spend hours browsing through old family photo albums, which lead to a desire to capture moments of time which she would frame and put in her room.
She would constantly be found looking at books and photography magazines, trying to learn and understand the various techniques used, with the hopes that one day, her images would be able to convey emotions.
When she met Roberto, he helped her improve technically and soon her passion became her profession.

Roberto Magni Photographer and Journalist Chief by Foto ReD Photographic Agency
Roberto Magni

Photographer and Journalist
E-mail: roberto@fotoredagency.com

Roberto Magni was born in 1967 in San Giovanni in Persiceto near Bologna within a stone’s throw of the Lamborghini Factory.
He started photography at the age of 14 with a Canon F1. From that day his passion, commitment and artistic skills have developed to give him the necessary elements to capture unforgettable moments in time.
At 18, he began his photographic career, devoting himself to travel reportage, where he worked with many tour operators and magazines worldwide.
In 1991, together with his partner Daniela, he founded the Foto ReD Photographers and in October 2016, they will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Foto ReD Photographic Agency.