1991 - 2016
Foto ReD Photographic Agency celebrates it's 25th Anniversary.

Twenty five years ago, we followed our intuition and founded the ‘Agency Foto ReD Photographers.

Our love and dedication to photography has never left us. These 25 years have been very intense, full of photographic reportages and continuous development that has enabled us to achieve major breakthroughs in the world of professional photography and journalism. We have made many sacrifices along the way and have put the utmost passion into our photo agency to make it work.
The simplicity of our images has always been one of the focal points. In addition we have always favoured framing lines, colours and movement to make our images more dynamic and modern. We try to anticipate the time, imagining the photographic cut and the most appropriate journalistic style, before it goes to print in the newspapers.
Today we consider this anniversary as part of a stage of the journey taken. We still have many ideas and projects in the drawer to which we intend to give birth and develop, we would like to continue documenting large motor sporting events like the MotoGP and Superbike in addition to the travel and hot air balloon photography.

In these years we have known and worked with great masters of photography and other great people who have enriched our photographic and cultural backgrounds. In our careers as photo journalists, we have always respected the rules of healthy competition.
We are constantly developing new market niches in countries that are open to our style. Special thanks goes to all those that have placed their trust in our photography agency, we strive to give them the best possible service. Now, here we are in our historical headquarters in Bologna, more mature and wiser than before with a few more wrinkles, where 25 years ago everything began.
We are celebrating our magnificent twenty five years of professional photography.

Roberto Magni and Daniela Comi, world photo reporters and journalists.

Anniversary Photographic Motogp Agency Foto ReD... by Roberto Magni and Daniela Comi Photographers Journalists and Chief